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Discover the New Age of SMART Video Surveillance

Our Services

Facial Recognition based Customer Loyalty, Protection and Fraud Prevention

Greet your guest by name as facial recognition assists you via your loyalty program.  Prevent credit card fraud.

Valet Vehicle Damage Claims

Cameras scan the vehicle for historical reference in case of damage claims.

SARC - Command Center 24/7 Monitoring

Our ex-military operators are vigilant performing virtual guard tours and responding to alerts starting at $5/hour.

Safety and Security Policy Enforcement

Leverage your security camera system to enforce policy and modify behavior in your team.

Guest Experience Monitoring Reporting

Ensure your standards are being carried out by your team members when interacting with guests. 

Virtual Trip Wire, Object Monitor & Subject Tracker

Video content analytics expand the coverage and effectiveness of your camera system.

License Plate Detection

May be utilized to active gates for ease of entry or readily find a particular vehicle in the video footage by plate number. 

Point of Sales Monitor

Overlay the register sale or key card entry directly over the recorded video frame.

Audio Voice Down Deterrent Technology

From our Surveillance Acquisition Response Center our operator are able to deter activity by speaking directly to subjects over speaker systems. 

Instant Video Reporting

Uniform and consistant reporting with supporting visual thumbnails and recorded footage.

Panic Buttons &  Medical /Police / Fire Emergency Response

Safety buttons that are monitored to ensure the appropriate response.  

Dedicated Monitoring Centers in North America

Our SARC is staffed 24/365 to ensure there is always an eye on your assets. 

We Customize to Your Needs & Budget
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